About EC

Thank you for reading my blog and for taking a moment to learn a little more about me.

I am a 31 year old Canadian blogger, aspiring author, and recovering asshole. I was raised by conservative born-again Christians, and I love those wackos even though we disagree on many things.

I’ve done a bit of traveling. Specifically, I spent 2011 backpacking in Australia. It was the most turbulent and important year of my life; it was the year I finally broke. I pulled myself out of a pretty deep (figurative) hole and have since been experiencing the joy of rediscovering who I am. I love telling people I am in therapy. I get a multitude of reactions, all of which are hilarious.

I write about my life and experiences with brutal honesty and a touch of sarcastic humour. I write because my thoughts flow easier through my fingers than my mouth. I write because it frees my shame. I write because it connects me to humanity. I write because it alights my soul. “I write because I must.” – Elizabeth Reyes

When I am not blogging (or working at my day-job) I spend as much time as possible with my sister and my niece and nephew – I am the best Aunt ever in the world. I also kayak regularly and read books in the bathtub.

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Lots of love,